At EcoAir Heating and Cooling, many of our customers are searching for a more affordable and eco-friendly way to maintain a comfortable climate in their homes. Central HVAC systems that rely on gas and electricity are associated with expensive utility bills, but there is an effective way to eliminate those bills from your life. Geothermal climate control is most commonly linked to home heating, and you can use this same technology to cool your home.

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Installing a Geothermal Cooling System in Your Home

A geothermal climate control system is comprised of two primary components, and these are a heat pump that will be installed inside the home and a series of underground loops in the yard outside your home. In the winter, the pump will draw heat from the loops and push it into your home. Likewise, this same equipment can be used to extract heat from the home and to lower the indoor air temperature in the summer. Our team at EcoAir Heating and Cooling is ready to install the right equipment for your home and its needs.

Maximizing the Benefits of Your New Geothermal Cooling System
An effective geothermal cooling system may satisfy all of your home’s climate control needs during the summer season. To work effectively, you will need to keep the air ducts and air filters clean. All indoor vents should remain open to promote superior air circulation. Periodically, the pump and other equipment must be serviced. EcoAir Heating and Cooling is the company to contact in Omaha for the installation, maintenance and repair of geothermal cooling and heating systems.

Deciding If Geothermal Cooling Is Right for Your Home

If you are still trying to decide if a geothermal climate control system is suitable for your home, the next step to take is to contact EcoAir Heating and Cooling. We will provide you with a quote for the complete installation of a system that is well-suited for your home. We can also answer all of your questions so that you can make a well-informed decision. Request more information and an estimate from EcoAir Heating and Cooling today.

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