Does your home feel muggy and damp during long stretches of the year? Do you find that you need to run the air conditioning system almost constantly in the summer in order to overcome humid air? If so, you should consider installing a whole-house dehumidifier. These systems work in a way similar to air conditioners: they circulate refrigerant through a coil that attracts moisture through a process of evaporation and then removes the trapped moisture.

A whole-house dehumidifier isn’t an appliance you can buy over the counter and install yourself. To achieve the balanced humidity your home requires, you must leave the job to indoor air quality professionals. Look to the experienced team at EcoAir Heating and Cooling for installation and other services for dehumidifiers.

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Some of the Benefits of Whole–House Dehumidifiers

Why is humidity such a major hassle during hot weather? The reason is that the excess moisture in the air makes it harder for the human body to release heat through perspiration. This traps more heat in the body, and this subsequently makes hot temperatures feel even hotter—often by 8–10° F. When relative humidity is balanced (between 30% and 60%), it takes the edge off the heat and makes it easier to keep cool. This is the main reason to have a whole–house dehumidifier installed.

There are other benefits to having a whole–house dehumidifier installed aside from helping with comfort:

  • Energy savings: That 8–10° improvement in comfort can often mean the difference in whether your air conditioning system needs to come on during a summer day. You can expect to run the AC much less when humidity is properly balanced, and will consequently see a significant drop in your electrical bills each month.

  • Water damage reduction: High humidity will create moisture along surfaces in a house, and this will lead to water damage. Wood rot and destruction from mildew are common in houses that suffer from high humidity. A dehumidifier will eliminate this issue at the source.

  • Mold growth: Excess humidity in a home can also be unhealthy because it encourages the growth of molds that release toxic spores into the air. Mold is especially prone to grow inside the HVAC system, out of sight along the coils and ducts. People in your home with asthma and allergies will benefit immensely with a dehumidifier to stop mold development.

You need to exercise caution when it comes to a dehumidifier for a home, since one that is too powerful and unsuited to the conditions in the house will make the air too dry, and that’s a serious situation that comes with its own set of problems. Therefore, you must always turn to indoor air quality professionals to pick and install a whole–house dehumidifier. Our team at EcoAir Heating and Cooling will consider the workings of the air conditioner (which has some minor dehumidifying properties) so that you will end up with the right balance of moisture levels in your home for comfort. Put your trust in us for home comfort. You’ll be glad you did!

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