If you are looking for a more affordable, efficient way to heat your Omaha home throughout the cold weather season, you are in great company. You may not realize it, but your home is sitting on top of a massive store of free energy, and this energy can be used to heat your home.


At EcoAir Heating and Cooling, we specialize in meeting all of the heating and cooling system service needs of Omaha’s residents, and we can help you to tap into geothermal heat by installing a quality system.

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Your Trusted Source for Geothermal Heating System Installation

The ground around your home absorbs solar heat, and a geothermal heating system is designed to capture this energy and to circulate it through your home. Once a geothermal heating system is installed, you can enjoy a truly affordable and green energy source. In fact, many homeowners recoup the installation cost within a few years. The pump that is used to circulate this heat has a significant lifespan, so you can take advantage the many benefits of your new geothermal heating system for many years.

Maintaining and Repairing Your Home’s Geothermal Heating System
Geothermal heating systems have relatively low maintenance requirements, but they do require attention from time to time. For example, you will need to replace the air filter, keep the ducts clean and schedule a periodic tune-up. EcoAir Heating and Cooling is your reliable source for maintenance services and repairs on your home’s geothermal heating system. Through our services, we can help you to extend the life of your equipment and to maximize its efficiency.

Are you ready to learn more about geothermal heating systems designed for residential use? Do you need to schedule maintenance or repair service for your current system? For all of your geothermal heating system needs in Omaha, EcoAir Heating and Cooling is ready to help.

**Your geothermal equipment may be eligible for federal tax credits and reduced utility rates.**


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