Temperatures during the winter months plummet in our area, but along with the dropping temperature is dropping moisture. Dry and cold is great for ice cubes, but it is not good for your health or your home. We all know what too much humidity feels like but too little can be just as problematic.


Therefore, the experts at EcoAir Heating and Cooling offer comprehensive whole home humidifier services. A whole home component installs directly into your existing heating system, integrating with the system. This makes operation extremely easy and convenient, but it is important that only trained experts like ours handle the work. There’s no reason to live with the problems and discomfort that too little humidity can bring when you have our pros ready and waiting to help you.

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Is Low Humidity Really That Bad?

High humidity is uncomfortable. It makes your skin feel sticky, the air feels clammy and it just never seems to cool off without the help of air conditioning. When there’s too little humidity in the air, however, the signs may be less obvious. For instance, you may find that your skin is excessively dry and itchy, or that your throat is sore. You may even experience nosebleeds. As you look around your home, you may notice that wood products are splintering easily and possibly cracking. This can happen to furniture, flooring or wall paneling.

Most likely, you’ll also feel chilly in your home even though the thermostat is reflecting the temperature you’ve set. This is because it is necessary to have a certain amount of humidity in the air to retain heat. The bottom line is that low humidity can force you to use more heat, damage wood products in your home and compromise your personal health because your mucous membranes (nose, eyes, throat) are always too dry. However, our experts can help with the installation of a whole home humidifier.

How a Whole Home Humidifier Works

One of the reasons a whole home humidifier is so much more effective than individual room humidifiers are is that they moisturize far more air much more effectively than a single room unit ever could. This is because a whole home humidifier is installed right at the source of your home’s warm air: the heating unit. A humidifier can add moisture to your air via steam or a light mist, and it does so right from your heating system so that all your home’s air is uniformly moisturized. This means all the air being delivered to your living spaces has the added moisture it needs to make your home healthier and more comfortable. You control the level of humidity with the component’s humidistat, which can be a separate instrument or part of your home’s thermostat.

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